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Welcome to one of the small corners of the interwebs that I've rearranged some 1s and 0s for :)

This home page came into being some time in 1995, getting its own DNS entry in October 1997. The basic design hasn't been changed since then! It's rather dated, but I don't really want to change it, because it's been like this for so long, I almost want to cling to some remnant of consistency. It was pretty funny going through some of old "links" pages - most links were broken, but one or two still worked, and amusingly had also not been updated since ~1997 :)

So who is Kazza? Just an IT geek from Sydney, having relocated to Canberra in 2007 to live with my beautiful husband. We live with several computers and lots of fish! Life is pretty busy, but we think we have a good life together.

My previous "about me" page used to say:

"I am a computer and internet addict, but also like watching TV and videos and making plastic models. One day I'd like to travel, get a pilot's licence, and learn to ski, sky dive, scuba dive and hanglide. I'd also like to return to what is probably my favourite holiday destination - Lord Howe Island"

Well the internet addiction is a given. The TV and video watching has eased up somewhat, I don't watch as much as I used to. I still make plastic models occasionally, but really don't have the room for them. I've been to the USA twice, Canada once, and Europe since that was written, but there's sooo much of the world left I want to see! Getting a pilot's licence is ridiculously expensive, but I'd still like to do it one day (maybe if I win lotto!). I've been skiing several times since then, and living in Canberra now makes that a little easier :) I've jumped out of a perfectly good aeroplane. It was a fun experience, but pretty expensive, not to mention I have someone that would miss me if the 'chute never opened.. ;) Haven't done any scuba diving, just some snorkelling. Hanggliding is also a bit too expensive (notice a theme here? heh). And finally, I did return to Lord Howe Island with Stu in 2007. It was fantastic!

So that's the basics of Kazza. Thanks for stopping by!


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